Use the calculator tool to estimate the cost of replacing a roof.

The roofing calculator estimate the cost based on the size of the roof and material selected.

Prices are based on the average price in the United States and may vary by state.

To get started please measure the length and width of the structure.

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Welcome to our roofing education site where you will have the opportunity to learn everything you’d like about building roofs. From how to calculate the size of your roof, learning about the slope options for your roof, & measuring the amount of shingles you’ll need for your roof – we’ve got it all set out for you. With Roofing calculators and roofing guides at your fingertips, your new roof is just a contractor away. We’ll give you the roofing tools you need to make sure that your contractor installs the roof you need with the right and appropriate shingles for your region.

We'll help you get the best quotes for providing your roofing job.



Our sophisticated and updated roofing algorithim will provide you with the numbers and data you need to get the perfect roof.


We’ll also provide the tools you need to figure out the slope of your roofing and things like which material to use for your area.



Your not alone, use our forums to connect with hopeople idoing similer projects and learn off each other.



Aside from our roofing calculator tool, go ahead and let us know what other roofing tools you’d like us to develop for you.

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